China pollution: First ever red alert in Beijing
Beijing has issued its first ever “red alert” over the city’s smog, with the Chinese capital going into shutdown in an attempt to protect people from the deadly air.

It is the first time ever that the highest possible state of caution has been declared in the city, which has more than 21 million residents.
The warning means schools will close and construction and other industry in the capital will be limited.
Half of Beijing's private cars will be ordered off the road and 30 per cent of government vehicles also garaged.

A red alert, issued when severe smog is expected to last more than 72 hours, is the highest of Beijing's four-tiered, colour-coded warning system.
China's pollution has joined its Great Wall and achieved the dubious honour of being seen from space.
Satellite image shows smog stretching 750 miles from Beijing (top centre) to Shanghai (bottom right).

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