Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trump calls climate change 'hoax'

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Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump offer Americans starkly different views on global warming: Clinton sees it as an urgent concern, while Trump dismisses it.

The GOP nominee said nothing about climate change in his July 21 acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. But he told a rally in South Carolina in December that global warming was "a hoax, a lot of it," a modest change from a tweet in 2013 that called global warming "bullshit." He's debunked climate science even though climate is likely the most thoroughly researched area on record.

The Democratic nominee said in her acceptance speech Thursday, "I believe climate change is real." Clinton said she was proud the U.S. had signed the Paris climate accord.
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Clinton's campaign website has more than 30 pages of proposals for fighting climate change. They include installing a half-billion solar panels by the end of her term, and ensuring that every U.S. home is powered by renewable energy within 10 years.

Trump has promised to slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency. Last week, he was asked if global warming was caused by human activity, as most climate scientists say. "It could have a minor impact," Trump said. "But nothing, nothing to what they're talking about." The Sierra Club issued a paper July 12 saying if Trump is elected, he would be the only world leader who did not believe in the science of climate change.

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