Thursday, March 10, 2016

Warmest winter in US on record - 4.6 degrees above normal

Federal meteorologists say the winter that has just ended was the hottest in U.S. records. The average temperature for the Lower 48 from December through February - known as meteorological winter - was 36.8 degrees, 4.6 degrees above normal.

It breaks the record set in 1999-2000. Every state in the Lower 48 had winters at least 1.7 degrees warmer than normal. Alaska was 10.6 degrees warmer than normal. Records go back to 1895.

February's unusually warm temperatures mark the fifth month that global average temperatures were more than 1°C above average. The overall temperature at our planet's surface was 1.13°C above the 1951-1980 average in January.
Energy use per person is on track to rise sixfold by 2050 across the world, according to researchers from Queensland and Griffith universities.

Using a “global energy tracker” which predicts average world temperatures could climb 1.5C above pre-industrial levels by 2020, new modelling using long-term average projections on economic growth, population growth and energy use per person, points to a 2C rise by 2030.

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