Sunday, March 13, 2016

Temperature Records Smashed across Canada - Update

February’s higher than normal temperatures mark the fifth straight month that global average temperatures were more than 1°C above average.

Parts of the Arctic were 16°C above average, reaching temperatures more often seen in June. In addition, the region likely saw its lowest February sea ice levels since records began being kept.

Toronto hit a new record March 12, 2016 of 18 C. Normal seasonal temperatures are around 4 C. The story is similar in the interior of British Columbia with the Thompson-Okanagan breaking high temperature records last week. Recent temperatures in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were upwards of 17 C, where the average high temperature for this time of year is usually zero.
Today in Winnipeg record-smashing temperatures are 12 C, which easily surpasses the old record of 6.7 C set in 1964.
Temperatures in February 2016 had the largest departure from average of any month in NASA's records since 1880.
The February 2016 land and ocean temperature anomaly was 1.35°C (2.43°F) above the average temperature in the period from 1951 to 1980.

February stands out for its unusual heat more than any other month in the modern climate record.

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